Spring Training and Testing in Hungary, April 2018

We had a great time in our annual spring Zöldmáli Boot Camp. We had people coming from all over the World (Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Poland) to train our Zöldmáli dogs together, and than hunt test them on 3 levels in the end of the training. I very much appreciate for all the owners who came and trained with us! We worked hard, but it paid off. All dogs and handlers improved a lot. After the 5 days training, there were 3 levels of tests organized by the Shorthaired and Wirehaired Vizsla Club. The AV (Natural Ability Test), VAV (Hunting Aptitude Test on Field and Water) and the VMV (Field and Water Test). You can read about the test rules of...

Training in Serbia on wild partridge -preparing for the Field Trial season

Its sad, but true: in today's European Union, you hardly find enough wild birds (pheasants of partridges) to be able to train a pack of 12 dogs for Field Trials. So we had to travel over 600 km to Serbia, to get our dogs ready for the trialing season. This is our vacation I guess. While others go skiing or to wellness hotels, we walk 8-9 hours on the fields with the dogs, looking for partridges. And believe it or not, we enjoy it. Because the dogs love it, so we are happy. The terrain is usually very challenging for the dogs, they need to work hard and with big concentration, as partridges are tricky. We were very pleased with...

Zoldmali Cetli ‘FALKO’ wins the Westminster for the 2nd time- a true legend!

Zoldmali Cetli, FALKO was the No.2 Top Sporting Dog in Canada in 2016. With this he made history in the Wirehaired Vizsla breed in North America in Show. But its not all! He won Best of Breed on the Westminster Show now 2nd time in a row in New York. Its been 3 years now, the breed is competing at Westminster, and all 3 years, Zöldmáli was the Best of Breed! This year, the 2nd was also a Zoldmali: Zoldmali Eszes.

A great start of the year 2017- lots of show wins

If I  started to list all the show success and working titles the Zoldmali dogs win all over the World, I probably wouldn't have time for anything else. So please those of you, whose titles I am not mentioning or listing, don't feel, that I am not proud of you and your achievement, and those of you, who would like to follow more up-to-date the happenings in our kennel and of the Zoldmali dogs all over the World, please follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/zsofia.miczek Our year has started really well in the show ring. We had 2 CACIB Shows in January, and 3 in February and a Speciality Show. I was entering different dogs on different days, just to keep...

Zöldmáli Szinva made History in North America

Versatile Champion Zoldmali Szinva is the first ever Wirehaired Vizsla to attend the master level test, the NAVHDA International Invitational, which took place 16th September, 2016 in Searsboro, Iowa, USA. VC Zöldmáli Szinva made history for the breed with a maximum of 200 points! Congratulations for dog and owner, handler, Tanya Gates. https://www.facebook.com/onpointyukon https://www.navhda.org/testing/invitational-test