Author: Zöldmáli Wirehaired Vizsla Kennel

Our Year 2016 in Brief- Zöldmáli success in the Field

We have a very successful year behind in work, and this is what we are most proud of, as this requires the most work and commitment from our side, and shows the exceptional superiority of our dogs. While most of the other Hungarian HWVs can only show up an AV (natural ability test) or VAV (hunting aptitude test) title in work (this is the minimum requirement for breeding), we are not even mentioning these titles, its so obvious all our dogs accomplish it (and even more) before the age of 1 year. The challenge begins at a higher level, starting from the VMV (Field and Water Test) and ÖTV (Autumn Field and Water Test), and the fact that most of...

Our Year 2016- the Zöldmáli E litter introduces themselves

Our E litter, along with Extreme, Etna and Echo is out of ICH, HGCH, HWCH, SHWCH Zöldmáli Lepke and Django du Domaine Saint Hubert, born in May 2015. I don’t know of any other Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla litter, where 3 pups out the litter would hold CACIT and resCACIT titles before the age of 1,5 years. Etna earned her first CACT and CACIT title at less than 16 months of age, on her very first competition, (a 2 days long international Field and Water Competition), where she performed all tasks with maximum scores. A few weeks later, on her 2nd competition, she gained resCACT title (also Field and Water Competition). Her brother, Extreme won 2X CACIT and 2 X CACT...

A sad moment of 2016- R.I.P. Alma

One of my saddest and most difficult moment in my life, losing my best friend, my soul mate, my heart dog, my dear Alma. I knew this day will come, but didn't know it will be so sudden and unexpected. Pancreas cancer took her. She has a special place in my heart forever. Love you Alma, miss you Alma. To read more about our wonderful Alma, click HERE!


Zala is our 4th dog, who has obtained her International Work Champion title, and to my knowledge there are no other Wirehaired Vizslas apart from mines in Hungary, who would own this title. This is Zala's 2nd work champion title, as she is already a Czech Work Champion. This year, Zala had quite an astonishing achievement by getting 2nd place, resCACIT and CACT on the biggest CACIT all-round (field-water-forest) competition in Europe, the Memorial Kolomana Slimák (MKS). This was her last leg for the Int. Work Champion title. 24 dogs can participate of all Pointing Dog breeds: the 10 best Slovakians (as its also the biggest national competition in Slovakia), and 10 foreigners. The first place is very much protected...