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Zoldmali Boot Camp-Spring Training and Testing in Hungary, April 2018

We had a great time in our annual spring Zöldmáli Boot Camp. We had people coming from all over the World (Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Poland) to train our Zöldmáli dogs together, and than hunt test them on 3 levels in the end of the training. I very much appreciate for all the owners who came and trained with us! We worked hard, but it paid off. All dogs and handlers improved a lot. After the 5 days training, there were 3 levels of tests organized by the Shorthaired and Wirehaired Vizsla Club. The AV (Natural Ability Test), VAV (Hunting Aptitude Test on Field and Water) and the VMV (Field and Water Test). You can read about the test rules of...

2 days CACIT Field Trial, Cegléd, 14th-15th April, 2018

Anouk and Laci did it again by winning the Field Trial Competition on both days with CACT, Exc.1. Echo was 3rd Exc., on 1st day and 2nd Exc, resCACT on the 2nd day, and Extreme was 4th Exc. the first day, and 3rd Exc. the 2nd day. 1st day judges: Mònika Csíkvàri and Zsuzsanna Bakò 2nd day judges Csíkvàri Mònika and Molnàr Zsolt!
Zöldmáli Echo

CACT Field Trial- Hódmezővásárhey, 7th April, 2018

A successful weekend behind us in hunt competition and hunting tests home and abroad: Zöldmàli Echo won CACT on a National Field Trial, Extreme won 2nd in his group with very good. He was a bit too independent in his search! Zöldmàli Cifra (10,5 months) passed the AV (natural ability test) with max scores in Hungary, and sister Cukor passed the VJP (also natural ability test) in Germany with 70 points!

Tiszanána CACIT Field Trial- Anouk took CACIT, Echo took resCACIT

The day started impossible! Huge snowstorm during the night, closed roads, stucked in the middle of nowhere. I never guesed, the Field Trial Competition will still be hold. And what a successful day it has become! Anouk with Laci won Group B, with CACT, judges: Attila Peter (H); Vicencje Mrden (HR)than won the CACIT in the barrage!! Echo was winner of Group A, with CACT, judges: Neven Ljubicic (HR); Laszlo Vörös (H), and resCACIT, and Extreme was 3rd in Group A, with MB. Well, his steadiness to flush was not perfect! With this, Echo fulfilled the requirements of the Hungarian Field Trial Champion title and also the International Work Champion title! She is now the 3rd in the E litter,…