Zöldmáli Lara Kraft


Laci believes in talking names, and he told me, he wants to name her next puppy Kraft. But it was the L litter, so agreed on the name, Lara Kraft for his puppy. Kraft and her sister,Lecso look like clones. You can hardly tell them apart. Funny enough, when they were younger, Kraft was the smallest in the litter. But by now, you can hardly tell the difference. Both of them are little clones of their father in look, with a little more hair, and seem to combine all the good qualities of their parents. Their mom, Anouk, is already Hungarian Show and Work Champion and was the 2016 Field Trial European Cup Derby Winner and Best Wirehaired Vizsla in open. The father, Délceg, is also Hungarian Champion and is a wonderful working dog, who passed the HZP (ÖTV) at 18 months with max scores.

We decided to keep two pups from the litter to later keep the better one. Laci had the first choice to pick from the two pups, which one he wants to train. Lecso was the nicer, Kraft showed the better working qualities.

Laci chose Kraft. By now, they are identical in everything. It will be very difficult to decide, which one stays. Maybe both…

We are very much looking forward to see how these two youngest members of your kennel mature.