HJCH Zoldmali Vento


Zoldmali Vento represents a calm, biddable, easy to handle Wirehaired Vizsla boy, who loves to work and has a high will to please. He has a very easy character, friendly with everyone, any dogs. He is not dominant or agressive at all, but also not submissive. Thanks to Vento’s cooperative, responsive character, his training was very easy and quick. He has a lot of passion to hunt, has a great nose, and is  a very steady pointing Wirehaired Vizsla. He has a very special bloodline, his mother is our Anouk, who one of our top Field Trial dog, and who is coming from German bloodlines. The mother of Anouk, Indra von der Lipeau was one of the best Wirehaired Vizsla in the field, has won several field trials, and has only produced one litter in her life, with only 4 pups, and Anouk is the only one, who went to ‚breeding hands‘. So Anouk’s lines are pretty special. The father of Vento, Avar z Cherveny vrsku (Czech bloodlines) was the World Winner and Best of Breed in 2017 in the Leipzig World Dog Show, and he is also an active all-round hunting dog, with field, water and bloodtracking titles.

Both parents of Vento are HD-A, as well as him and his littermates who had been tested so far (5 of them).

Vento has fulfilled are requirements (health, work, conformation) to be an officially approved stud all over the World.

Vento is trained by my Better Half, Laci. He is availabe as stud.

Show Results:

  • Hungarian Junior Champion (HJCH)
  • 4x HPJ
  • 2x Best Junior
  • Champion of Champions 2019 and Best of Breed
  • 3x CAC
  • 2xCACIB
  • 3X BOB

Work Results:

  • AV- Natural ability Test – max score
  • VAV (Hunting Test on Field and Water)
  • ÖTV (Hungarian HZP) 1st prize


  • HD-A
  • ED-free
  • Free from genetic eye disorders
  • HUU N/T

CZCH, CZJCH, WW'18 Avar z Cervenych Vrsku

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