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with the NAVHDA Judges

NAVHDA Utility and NA testing in May, 2018 in Wisconsin, USA

I felt I needed this experience in my life, to test my dogs under the NAVHDA system, and also to encourage American breeders to do more work with their dogs. To my knowledge, there are only two Wirehwired Vizsla in the US as of now, who passed the NAVHDA Utility, both are Zoldmalis (Abel and Szinva, both done it in 1st prize). So I decided to enter Zoldmali Extreme (3 years old) and Délceg (2 years old) for the NAVHDA Utility Test and Zoldmali Kolibri for the Natural Ability test in Wisconsin, to show, its even possible to do it coming from Europe. Délceg and Kolibri are already owned by Eric Wallendal and Megan Nimmo Wallendal, Pivot Kennel, but since...

Zöldmáli Training and Family Reunion in Wisconsin

Me and Extreme traveled to Grand Marsh, WI, USA, to meet up with some of the Zoldmali owners and do a 4 days hunting training for them. We were blessed with out hosts, Megan, and Eric Wallendal, who not just provided us land for training and their house for sleeping, but also put their whole heart into organizing this event! It was a wonderful time, with lovely people and dogs, sharing their love for their dogs and for the HWV breed. The weather was very challenging, mostly around 30C or even more, and very humid. Everybody worked very hard and progressed a lot. There is nothing better than seeing my pups again, and help their owners in their hunting training....

Cifra and Polka finished their Hungarian Junior Champion titles

Our two new Junior Champions, who both gained their 3rd leg for the title on this weekend's Budapest Grand Prix CACIB Show: Zöldmáli Cifra (Bringa X Dante) winning the Junior Class on Saturday. Zöldmáli Polka (Etna X Darko DDSH) winning Junior Class on Sunday. And Extreme's son, Dolgos Nimród Császár took BOB on both days and than went on to win Junior BIS3 and Junior BIS2.

Zöldmáli Echo, our 8th dual champion in our garden

After her Hungarian Field Trial Champion title, our Echo received her Hungarian Champion certificate. With this, she is our 10th Dual Champion, and currently our 8th in our kennel, as Alma and Dorka are no longer with us. 8 Dual Champion Wirehaired Vizslas in one garden, at Zoldmali Kennel. Breeding beauties that fit for function. - Zoldmali Extreme: International Field Trial Champion, Hungarian Field Trial Champion, Hungarian Versatile Champion, Hungarian Grand Champion and International Beauty Champion. - Zoldmali Lepke: Hungarian and Slovakian Versatile Champion, Hungarian Beauty Champion - Zoldmali Zala: Top Wirehaired Vizsla in work in the World: Field Trial European Cup Winner, International Versatile Champion, Hungarian-, Slovakian-, Czech Versatile Champion, Hungarian Grand Champion, Slovakian-, Czech Beauty Champion - Zoldmali...
Java, Echo and Betyár

Our 3 new champions: Java, Echo and Betyár

The certificates and trophies all arrived today for our recent new champions: Zoldmali Java- new Junior Champion Zoldmali Echo- new Hungarian Champion and with this, the 8th Dual Champion (Beauty and Work Champion) in our garden (not counting Alma and Dorka, who are no longer with us any more). Our Betyár, Pannon Box Erdész: new Junior Champion