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We had to say good-bye to our beautiful and kind souled Bringa shortly before her 7th Birthday due to a very aggressive pancreas cancer. She will always stay in our hearts and her legacy will live through her offsprings.


Bringa is no doubt the clone of her mother, Iris. Her personality, her look, her hunting abilities everything is identical. Needless to say, having another Iris is everything I could wish for. She embodies the perfect Wirehaired Vizsla in every aspect.

Bringa started her hunting career at a very young age of 3 months, joining us on the pheasant hunts. Very soon she started to back the other dogs on point, and than started to find and point her own birds, and retrieve them after shot.
An amazing little girl, and I feel very fortunate to have her.

Her, and her litter brother, Szinva are as of now the youngest ever dogs of all breeds in Hungary to pass the VMV (field and water trial). They both passed in at the age of 9 and half months: Bringa in 1st prize, Szinva in 2nd prize. Up until this date, it was Zöldmáli Lepke and Zöldmáli Lovas Dezső (also littermates) holding this title: the youngest dogs passing the VMV, and their mother is also Zöldmáli Irisz!

So with this, Bringa had the International Work Certificate, already at the age of 9 months, but was not able to enter the working class till the age of 15 months, as that is the age limit for that. Very funny!

Bringa also passed her natural ability test (AV) and hunting aptitude test (VAV) with maximum scores at the age of 7 and half months, and the all-round test (field-water-forest) in the frame of the Special Hungarian Vizsla Competition, at the age of 2 years.

In 2016 the Kennel Klub awarded her with the Top Wirehaired Vizsla of the Year title!

Bringa’s litterbrother, Zöldmáli Szinva is the most titled Wirehaired Vizsla in work in Nothern America. He was the 1st Wirehaired Vizsla to participate on the invitational in 2016, and he passed it with full scores.

Bringa passed all health screening with the best possible results.


  • International Champion (ICH)
  • Hungarian Grand Champion (HGCH)
  • Hungarian Champion (HCH)
  • Hungarian Junior Champion (HJCH)
  • Best of Group 2
  • Best Hungarian Breed
  • 4 X HPJ (Junior Winner)
  • 3 X Best Junior
  • 3 X Best Opposite Sex
  • 6 x CABIB
  • 2X Best of Breed
  • 10 x CAC



3x CACT, resCACT

  • AV (natural ability test)- max scores- at the age of 7,5 months
  • VAV (hunting aptitude test)- max scores- at the age of 7,5 months
  • VMV (field and water test)- 1st prize- at the age of 9,5 months.
  • ÖTV- 1st prize (Field and Water Test incl. live duck search)
  • Special Hungarian Vizsla CACIT All-round competition 2015- 3rd place at the age of 2 years- with this she passed the highest level exam.
  • 2017 Délvidék Kupa Field and Water Competition- 1st prize, CACT (handled by Laci)
  • 2017 Special Hungarian Vizsla CACIT All-round competition-  1st prize, 3rd place resCACT (handled by Laci)
  • 2018 CACIT Josera Kupa (Field and Water Competition)- 1st prize, CACT
  • 2018 CACIT Vasas Memorial (Filed and Water Competition)-1st prize, CACT


  • HD-A (excellent)
  • HUU-Clear
  • Clear of Genetic Eye Diseases
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