Zoldmali Unicum


Unicum is a very special girl for us. Not just because of her beautiful look and exceptional talent, but also because of the story behind her. Its actually quite a sad story, because Unicum’s mom, Bringa started to abort about 10 days before the actual delivery date and with dogs pups cannot survive, if they are born more than 3 days earlier. We didn’t know the reason behind the abortion- only later did we find out, that Bringa had a staphylococcus infection in her uterus- so with my vet’s supervision and instructions, we were trying to keep the pups in there as long as we could, without risking the mother’s life. Bringa had to drink Unicum (a Hungarian liqueur made of herbs) every day, do relax her wombs. We took her to ultrasound every day, to check her and the pups, and we could see that puppies started to die in her, but some were still alive. We scheduled her C-section when we thought its already safe to take out the living pups. We still have 2 live pups (and lost 5). Given the circumstances, were were very pleased with the 2 live ones and that Bringa was also doing okay. Unicum was the smaller puppy (which you would not tell by now). Sadly we lost the other puppy at day 3, when Bringa, who quite restless in the early days, rolled her under the blanked and accidentally suffocated her. Both her and us were heartbroken. But looking all these from a brighter side, we still had one puppy surviving, who ended up a very special one. She is beautiful, smart, super talented and is a very confident, loving dog. We named her Unicum, after the liqueur that saved her life.

Baby Unicum socializing with the big ones

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