HCH Zöldmáli Lovas DEZSŐ


Dezso is the litterbrother of Lepke, and similarly talented like her in both field, water and bloodtracking. Him and Lepke were at their time the youngest ever dogs to pass the VMV (Field and Water Test), at the age of 10 months.

He is a very easy to learn dog with lots of enthusiasm and desire to hunt. He has all the natural abilities one can wish for, and an outstanding nose. He has a very clear had, always knows what he is doing, and can bear the pressure very well- these are very important traits for a hard working dog, whom we want to be successful on competitions.

Till now, his offsprings seemed to inherit similarly outstanding natural abilities and superb temperament.

Owner: Mr Gusztav Lovas



  • Hungarian Champion (HCH)
  • 7 X CAC
  • 3 X CACIB
  • 2 X resCACIB
  • 2X resCAC


  • St Hubertus Hunting Competition 2014. – 2nd place
  • VGP (MVV)-field-water-forest, 2nd prize
  • ÖTV-1. Price
  • VMV (Feld und WasserPrüfung)- 2. Platz mit 10 Monaten
  • Hortobágy Cup 2012 III. prize- the youngest dog special prize
  • St.Hubertus competition 2012, 2.place, best Hungarian Vizsla Special Prize
  • St.Hubertus Competition 2013, 3.place, Best Wirehaired Vizsla
  • MAM 2013 CACIT Field and Water Competition, 3rd prize
  • CACIT All-round competition 2013, 3rd Prize
  • Field Trial ‘very good’


  • HD-B (good)
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