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Gundog Training- Hunting, Pointing, Retrieving, Tracking

I plan two days of training on 28-29th December in Upavon, Salisbury Plain.

28th of December.
Training for young dogs and those who have no experienced or has difficulties with cold and live game. (Emphasis is on pointing and game retrieving.)

29th of December.
A bit more advanced day, but first day participants can join too. (Pointing, retrieving, tracking)

More info: paplaci@cls.hu

About the training in Brief:

The HPR training days are primarily for Wirehaired and Smoothhaired Vizslas, but other HPR breeds are also welcome. The training would involve field and water training and would focus on the Hungarian (and Middle-European) testing and trialing system. Focus would be on the field work (hunting and pointing) the retrieving, tracking and various water retrievals.

The course would give not just an insight of the Hungarian (and Middle-European) training methods, testing systems and expectations of the dogs, but would also help to prepare your dog for the Hungarian tests and trials – the Basic Hunting Test (AV), which is the minimum work requirement for breeding for Vizslas in Hungary, or the much higher level Field and Water Trial: VMV), which gives an international work certificate which entitles the dog to be entered in the working class at any shows under FCI.

We work with live and a good variety of cold game, and use dummies only if necessary.

The training is open for dogs at all training levels, as each dog is given tasks at its own level, however dogs with at least basic hunting training will be given priority.

There is a limited number of participants accepted.

The course of the training:

3 hours training in the morning, and then another 2-3 hours after the lunch break.

Attending without dog is also be possible.

Beginners can only join the group from the very beginning, although if there are a lot of beginners wishing to attend, the first day might be for them, with the possibility of those who do well, progressing to the rest of the course.

For further info please contact me via e-mail: zsofi@zoldmali.hu

A few words about my training background:

Zöldmáli Wirehaired Vizsla Kennel - TraningI have been training gundogs for over 17 years now. I am a golden awarded master of gundog trainer and an FCI hunting dog performance judge. I am the most successful Hungarian HPR handler (and trainer) in competitions, having handled over 17 different dogs, over 100 times to 1st prize in competitions, produced 5 International Work Champions, and 18 National Work Champions.

I can offer trainings for all HPR (hunt-point-retrieve) and pointing dog breeds on all levels, whether you would like to use your dog for hunting or competition (field trial, field and water trial or all-round trials). Trainings take place in field, water and forest as well.

Individual or group trainings are also possible.

Me and my Better Half, Laci, organize training weeks and training days, as well as hunting dog school on the weekends.

The aim of these trainings is to prepare the dogs and owners to the different levels of hunting dog tests and trials, to produce a reliable hunting companion from our dog and to improve the relationship of dog and its owner. Not only hunters or breeders are welcome, but also people who want to spend a hard working but fun time in nature with her/his four-legged buddy, who want to learn more about hunting dog training, or who want to try out his/her dog in work.

For further info, please contact me at zsofi@zoldmali.hu

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