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Lepke is the youngest ever pointing dog up until than in Hungary to pass the Field and Water Trial (VMV): she passed it at the age of 10 months, in 1st prize. (And less than 2 years later, it was her half sister, Z. Bringa, who is also a daughter of Zöldmáli Irisz, who broke this record, with 9 months of age.) This trial requires a fully trained dog on field and water. This achievement very much reflects, how special Lepke is. She has a very clear and calm mind with superior high intelligence and trainability. She has very stable nerves and a sound temperament. She has a superb problem-solving attitude and loves challenges.

Lepke is very special to me, as I feel she is my next ‘Alma’ or ‘Iris’.

In her first competition season (years 2013, when she was not yet 2 years old) she has gained the winner CACT titles in both Field Trial and Field-Water-Forest Competition. Many claim that a successful Field Trial dog cannot be successful in All-round trials. Well, both Lepke, and her mother, Iris, and grandma Alma, has proven the opposite!

Both Lepke and her mother Iris were members of the 2013 Field Trial European Cup Winner HWV team. Every minute of her training is a joy!


  • Field Trial Európa Kupa (Ausztria): resCACIT, resCACT, 2. helyezés 48 kutyából és Csapatban II.
  • Vízi-Mezei Verseny, Szlovákia – CACT, 1. díj
  • CACIT Mindenes Verseny, (Félix Endre Emlékverseny) 4. hely, 1 díjban.
  • Field Trial 1. hely, kit.1. CACT
  • Field Trial 2. hely, kit.2., resCACT
  • Field Trial 2. hely, nagyon jó
  • 2013 Field Trial Európa Kupa győztese (csapat)
  • MSK Szlovák Mindenes Verseny – CACT
  • CACIT Vízi-Mezei Verseny, Soponya, 1. díj, 3. hely
  • Románia, Satu Mare – Vízi és Mezei verseny: 2. hely, resCACT
  • VMV (vízi-mezei vizsga) – 1 díjban teljesítette 10 hónaposan. Ő volt akkor a valaha legfiatalabb kutya, aki 1. díjban letette ezt a vizsgát!
  • Élete első Field Trial versenyén 28 kutyából 3. lett


  • Hungaria Grand Champion
  • Hungaria Champion
  • Fajtagyőztes
  • Best in Show 3
  • Best of Group 3
  • 3 x Best of Breed
  • 3 x CACIB
  • 12 x CAC
  • 1 x resCACIB
  • HPJ- Junior Class Winner
  • 2013 Világkiállítás munka osztály győztese


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