The Zöldmáli 'O' litter out of Csenge (Gonegos Lovestreet at Zöldmáli) and Zöldmáli Zsivaj is surely a successful one: not only Zöldmáli Ostor keeps winning Puppy Best in Shows in the UK, and Zöldmáli Oliver gained the Junior World Winner 2013, Junior Best of Group, Junior Best of Day than Junior Best in Show 3 titles on the World Dog Show, and before that won Best Junior on all his shows he entered, also won the Junior Class on the World Cup for Hungarian Breeds and gained the Junior Champion title, but we have just got the news from Zöldmáli Oliva in the USA winning Best in Show Miscellaneous, and Otello winning his 2nd Best of Breed title in Ireland. And they are just a year old!

World Dog Show 2013- A big day for the Zöldmális: 
We came home from the WDS with unbelievable success. It was more than we could ever dream of! Out of the almost 26000 dogs entered on the WDS, Zöldmáli Oliver took Junior Best of Group, Junior Best of Day than Junior Best in Show III., Zöldmáli Írisz gained the Best Hungarian Gundog Award, and the Zöldmáli Alma progeny group was placed 2nd.
In the breed, out of 70 Wirehaired Vizslas entered, we came home with 4 World Winners (2 Juniors, an Adult and a Veteran), a Best of Breed, a Best Puppy, a Best Junior, a Best Veteran, 2 reserve World Winner, and 8 class winner titles! Not to mention the 2nd and 3rd placings in the classes as well!
Just to highlight the main titles:
Zödmáli Oliver: Junior WW, Best Junior, Junior BOG, Junior BOD, Junior BIS III.
Zöldmáli Csanád open class winner, CAC, resCACIB, resWW
Zöldmáli Frakk open class 2nd, resCAC,
Zöldmáli Torma working class 2nd resCAC,
Zöldmáli Spuri: Best Puppy of Breed
Henna du DSH: Junior WW bitch
Zöldmáli Lepke: working class winner CAC
Zöldmáli Zala: open class winner CAC, res CACIB, resWW
Zöldmáli Deres: 2nd in open class, resCAC
Zöldmáli Irisz: CAC, CACIB, WW, BOB, Best Hungarian Gundog
Zöldmáli Alma: CAC, Veteran WW, Best Veteran

We are the winner of the 2013 Vizsla Field Trial European Cup!!!!
The Wirehaired Vizsla Team of Hungary is the 2013 Field Trial European Champion (members: Zöldmáli Zala, Zöldmáli Lepke, Zöldmáli Huba, Zöldmáli Iris, Fürdőházi Ralf, and the reserve is Zöldmáli Lovas Dezső), and the individual European Champion is Zöldmáli Huba! Zöldmáli Lepke was 2nd in the Derby Competition, and was selected the nicest Wirehaired Vizsla of the European Cup!

2013 HWV Club Show, Gödöllő:
Zöldmáli Iris became the Club Winner, and Best of Breed, Zöldmáli Alma became Veteran Club Winner, and the Zöldmális won the Brace and Breeder's Group Competition as well.

World Cup for Hungarian Breeds Speciality Show 2013- Gödöllő:
Zöldmáli Alma
took Veteran World Cup Winner and Best of Breed at the age of 11 years! What an amazing girl! But its not just her...we brought home most of the cups again!
Zöldmáli Irisz became World Cup Winner female.
Zöldmáli Oliver took the Junior World Cup Winner trophy and Best Junior!
Zöldmáli Cseles, Frakk and Luca all won their class!
Its a wonderful feeling when judges still say wow when seeing Alma…

CACIT Field and Water Competition, 16th May, 2013.
Out of 21 dogs entered, Zöldmáli Irisz won the competition with full scores, CACIT, CACT, Best Field Work and Best Water Work awards, and with this she has become International Work Champion. I was awarded the Best Woman Handler award.
Zöldmáli Cseles finished 6th place and Zöldmáli Lovas Dezső 7th place!
Not bad, isn't it!

15th May Budapest Grand Prix CACIB Show Zöldmáli Results:
Zöldmáli Lovas Dezső: CAC (intermediate class winner)
Zöldmáli Oliver: Best Junior
Zöldmáli Zsivaj: exc. 4 in working class
Zöldmáli Torma: CAC- winner of working class
Tangrams Cotton Eye Joe (son of two Zölmális): CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG 2
Zöldmáli Frakk: Open class winner CAC, resCACIB, 2nd Best Dog
Zöldmáli Ludas: exc.3 in working class
Zöldmáli Zala: CAC- champion class winner
Zöldmáli Irisz: CAC, res CACIB, working class winner, 2nd Best Bitch

Zöldmáli Zala won resCACIT, resCACT on and international field trial in Slovakia on 4th May, 2013.

Cegléd Field Trial 26-27 April, 2013
Zöldmáli Lepke
won CACT, 16 p. excellent
Zöldmáli Zala won 15 p. very good, 2nd place
Zöldmáli Lovas Dezső got 9 p. good

The members of the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Team was selected by the HWV Association based on this year’s field trial performances, to represent Hungary on the Field Trial European Cup. We are very proud, that in the 5 member team, 4 are Zöldmális and the reserve dog is also a Zöldmáli. The members are the following:
Zöldmáli Zala
Zöldmáli Írisz
Zöldmáli Lepke
Zöldmáli Huba
Füdőházi Ralf
Reserve: Zöldmáli Lovas Dezső

Zöldmáli Lepke and Menta passed the breeding test (TSZ) and the field and water trial (VMV) with flying colors (for Lepke it was rather a practice, as she has passed it once already) and Zöldmáli Szirom with 7 months passed the basic hunting test (AV) also with exceptional marks.
We just got some wonderful news from the UK from some recent Zöldmáli successes:
This 6 months old young lady, Zöldmáli Sári (out of Hejőcsabai Pikáns and Tangrams Cotton Eye Joe) has won Best Puppy AVNSC on her first open show. I have no doubt, she will make her owner very proud in her coming show career!
And her litterbrother (the only boy in the litter, Zöldmáli Samu of Lanokk) won 2nd after Zöldmáli Ostor of Lanokk, who also won Best Puppy in Show (again) on the Gundog Club of North Wales Show. Zöldmáli Csoda of Lanokk won Best of Breed and Zöldmáli Huncut of Lanokk became 2nd after Csoda. Well done to the Lanokk Team!
Zöldmáli Sári
Tiszanána, Field Trial, 23-24 March, 2013
 On the first field trial competitions (2 days) of the season, with 24 and 29 continental pointing dogs entered on each days, under extreme weather and terrain conditions (stormy wind and large areas of frozen inland inundations) we are very pleased with our results:
On the 1st day Zöldmáli Huba was 2nd in his group and overally, with 14 point, and 'very good' qualification. Zöldmáli Lepke was 1st and only qualified in the other group, with 7 points, 'good' grading, and was overally 3rd.
On the 2nd day Zöldmáli Huba got 18 points, 'excellent', CACT, and was overall winner. Zöldmáli Zala was 16 p. excellent, winner of her group, and overall 2nd. Zöldmáli Lovas Dezső was overall 4th (3rd in his group) with 9 point and 'good' grading.
Lepke on point
Zöldmáli Results at Crufts 2013:
We had a Best Puppy in Breed (Zöldmáli Ostor), 5 Class wins (Ostor, Alma, Huncut, Duna, Katica) a 2nd (Vadász) a 3rd (Csoda) and a 5th (Csanád) placing as well, from very big classes! (Altogether 98 Wireviszlas entered). I am a very proud breeder! :) Thanks for all the Zöldmáli owners for making me proud!
Zöldmális at Crufts 2013: Ostor,Csoda, Huncut, Katica, Alma, Csanád, Jácint, Vadász, Duna, Ubrez
FEHOVA CACIB Show 14th February, (1st day) results for the Zöldmális:
Zöldmáli Oliver-Best Puppy
Zöldmáli Zsivaj- Working Class Winner CAC-with this, he has gained the Hungarian Champion title
Zöldmáli Fecske- intermediate class CAC, resCACIB
Zöldmáli Jázmin- open class CAC
Zöldmáli Deres- open class resCAC
Zöldmáli Hancur- open class 3rd
Zöldmáli Lepke- working class CAC
Zöldmáli Zala- champion class CAC, CACIB

FEHOVA CACIB Show 15th February, (2nd day) results for the Zöldmális:
Zöldmáli Menta: Junior Class CAC
Zöldmáli Fecske- intermediate class res CAC
Zöldmáli Jázmin- open class resCAC
Zöldmáli Deres- open class CAC 
Zöldmáli Lepke- working class CAC
Zöldmáli Zala- champion class CAC, resCACIB
Zöldmáli Cseles, Menta, Fecske, Zala, Lepke and Lovas Dezső
FEHOVA Hunting Dog Specialty Show, 16th February, 2013
The Zöldmáli Kennel won the 2nd place in the Breeder's Group and Zöldmáli Oliver won Puppy res Best in Show. On this day both Zöldmáli Lepke and Zala gained their Hungarian Champion titles, while Z. Cseles became Show Champion.
Today's Zöldmáli titles in detail-the boys:
Zöldmáli Olivér- Puppy BOB, Puppy BIS II.
Lovas Dezső Zöldmáli- 2nd in intermediate class, resCAC
Zöldmáli Zsivaj- working class CAC
Zöldmáli Cseles- champion class CAC
The girls:
Zöldmáli Menta- junior class winner, HPJ
Zöldmáli Fecske-2nd in intermediate class, resCAC
Zöldmáli Deres- open class winner, CAC
Zöldmáli Jácint- open class 2nd, resCAC
Zöldmáli Lepke- working class winner, CAC
Zöldmáli Zala- champion class winner, CAC
 Zöldmáli Olivér winning Puppy Best in Show II.
FeHoVa CACIB Show 4th day: 17th Febr. '13
This day's Zöldmáli achievements:
The boys:
Zöldmáli Oliver- Best Puppy of Breed and was selected to the final 5 in the Puppy BIS
Zöldmáli Zsivaj- working class CAC, CACIB.
The girls:
Zöldmáli Menta: Best Junior (and with this gained the Junior Champion title)
Zöldmáli Fecske- intermediate class CAC
Zöldmáli Lepke- working class CAC, resCACIB
Zöldmáli Zala champion class CAC, CACIB, BOB, and Best Hungarian Breed III.
And the Zöldmáli Kennel became 2nd in Breeder's Group.
Zöldmális winning Breeders' Group II.  
Zöldmáli Ostor of Lanokk, after winning Best Puppy in Show under Gordon Haran in the UK, took Best Puppy of Breed at Crufts 2013, This young boy has a great show career potential, and makes us really proud. Zöldmáli Ostor aged 8 months Zöldmáli Ostor winning Best Puppy in Show
Some recent results of the successful duo, Zöldmáli Frakk and Ludas:

Dortmund Bundessieger, CAC, CACIB, BOB
Luxemburg Junior Champion, BOB
Hip Score: HD-A 

CAC, CACIB, Amsterdam Winner
Zöldmáli Frakk Zöldmáli Frakk and Ludas Zöldmáli Frakk
Zöldmáli Nektár won Best in Show 4 in Chile. We are very proud of her! Zöldmáli Nektár  Well done to Zöldmáli Oliva, who won Best of Breed on her first AKC Show at the age of 6 months in the USA. Zöldmáli Oliva
Zöldmáli Csanád (alias Guba) gained his Croatian Show Champion title!
Very well done, young boy!
Zöldmáli Guba Congratulation for Zöldmáli Ábel and his owner Steve Slauson for being the first ever Wirehaired Vizsla in the USA passing successfully the NAVHDA Utility Test. Hope its just the beginning for the breed!  Zöldmáli ÁbelZöldmáli Ábel 
 After passing the Basic Hunting Test with full scores and judges' compliments at the young age of 6 months in October, Zöldmáli Menta is enjoying the hunting season at her full both on pheasant and hare. What a young talent!
 Zöldmáli Menta Zöldmáli Menta Zöldmáli Menta Zöldmáli Menta
Zöldmáli Ostor started his show career in the UK remarkably: at the age of 6 months, he won Best of Breed on an Open Show, where Zöldmáli Huncut won BOS, than took Best Puppy of Breed on the LKA Championship Show the following weekend. Zöldmáli OstorZöldmáli Ostor Zöldmáli Nárcisz (aka Zara) also seems to be doing pretty well in the shows in UK: same age as Ostor, with 6 months, she gained twice Best Puppy in Breed and 1st Minor Puppy titles.  Zöldmáli Nárcisz 'Zara'
 We are very proud of Repce (alias Zöldmáli Málna), who already at the age of 7 months, is a high class therapy dog, bringing smile on many children's face at Christmas time. What more proof do you need from the balanced temperament and well-trainability of a dog?!  Repce the raindeerRepce entertaining the children
Congratulations for Zöldmáli Lovas Dezső and his owner, Gustav Lovas, who became 2nd in the St Hubert Competition. It has made their day even more memorable that Gustav, with his freshly gained hunting licence, has shot the first pheasant and first partridge of his life on this competition, from two bullets. Zöldmáli Lovas Dezső  Congratulations for Zöldmáli Torma, the first ever Finish Champion Wirehaired Vizsla!

Well done Torma and Hannah!
Zöldmáli Torma
Zöldmáli Alma winning the 2012 CACIT Hortobágy Cup at the fine age of 10 years, with CACIT, CACT titles and the best field work and best Wirehaired Vizsla special prices!
Alma is just amazing! With her age, winning over 31 HPR dogs on the biggest field and water competition of Hungary….- And I only entered her to have some fun, as she started to feel neglected not to be part of the trainings. Well she has proven again: she is the most successful versatile HWV ever existed!

But we shouldn't forget about the other Zöldmáli's who participated and did well on the competition as well:
Zöldmáli Iris and Zöldmáli Lovas Dezső finished in 2nd prize, Iris having more points than the 3rd dog in 1st prize, and Dezső got the 'Youngest dog in award' special prize. And Zöldmáli Cseles finished in 3rd prize.

Well done for everyone.

Alma coming back from a double blind retrieval Awarding ceremony The Zöldmális on the competition: Cseles, Iris, Alma, Lovas Dezső

Zöldmáli Zafir (Édes) has won another ‘Very Good’ on a French field trial, and with this, gained the CHCS (French Champion) title. Zöldmáli Zafir 'Édes' Zöldmáli Zafir 'Édes'

Zöldmáli Iris  Zöldmáli Írisz had a smashing weekend on the 6th and 7th October: based on the two days field trial results, she was the only Continental Pointer nominated by the judges to represent Hungary on the Field Trial World Championship for Pointing Dogs in Serbia on 19th-21st October! Serbia here we come!
Zöldmáli Huncut won Best NSC Gundog and Reserve Best in Show at Pwllheli & DCS Open Show (a year after Zöldmáli Csoda did the same!) and the week after she won 1st Post Graduate Bitch and Reserve Best Bitch at SWKA Champ Show. On the same show Zöldmáli Csoda was 2nd in her first appearance in Open Bitch. Well done girls. Zöldmáli Huncut Zöldmáli Huncut

Zöldmáli Cseles

Zöldmli Cseles has become Hungarian Champion, and has won the CAC, CACIB and BOB and BOG2 titles on the Tulln CACIB Show in Austria. He has also qualified for Crufts 2013 with this.

He has been very active in work recently as well. He passed the ÖTV (field and water trial) with full scores, and has finished his first CACIT competition, the Hortobgy Cup, field and water competition in 3rd Prize. Well done Cseles and Barbi!

Zöldmáli Jázmin  

Zöldmli Jácint won CAC and BOB on the Szolnok National Show.

Dunaújváros CAC Hungarian Kennel Club National Dog Show:
Pipacs (Zöldmali Zápor) won Excellent 1, CAC in open bitch class,
Guba (Zöldmali Csanád) won Excelelnt 1, CAC in open male class and went Best of Breed.
Zöldmáli Csanád Zöldmáli Csanád Zöldmáli Zápor Zöldmáli Zápor

Zöldmáli Zala Zöldmáli Zala Zöldmáli Zala is back again in the Zöldmáli kennel! After leaving us at the age of 8 weeks, and spending 3 years in the Czech Republic, where she was trained and handled on competitions by our friend, Karel Kolar, Zala is now returning to our kennel an extremely appealing list of titles in both show and work: just to highlight the most important ones: she is Czech Junior Champion, Czech Champion, Slovakian Junior Champion, Slovakian Champion, Czech Work Champion, 2011 Field Trial European Cup Winner, and Hungarian Vizsla of the Year 2011 in the Czech Republic. Thank you very much Karel, for taking so good care of her, and bringing her to such high levels!
Read more about Zala on her own page!

Zöldmáli Lepke Zöldmáli Fecske passed the VMV (field and water trial) in 1st prize at the age of 14 months in Győr, so she now officially holds the working title and can be entered into working class. On the same place, Zöldmáli Lepke passed the ÖTV at the age of 12 months, in 2nd prize, so she is also entitled for the working class in shows! Girls, I am very pleased with you!  

Zöldmáli Lovas Dezső Zöldmáli Lovas Dezső is now an official stud of Hungary. For his young age, he has been doing very well in work: he has accomplished the ÖTV at a young age of 12 months in 2nd prize and than accomplished the Hortobágy Cup CACIT field and water competition in 2nd prize as well, and got the ‘Youngest awarded dog’ special prize.

Zöldmáli Zala with Karel Kolar won the All-round competition in Tesany (CZ), gaining 488 points, CACT and Best Field Work!!! Champions!!!
We are very proud of you!

Zöldmáli Iris won 2nd place with res CACIT and res CACT in Jászberény, Hungary, on an International Field and Water Competition, out of 31 particpating dogs from all HPR breeds.

Iris and me winning resCACIT title The awarding ceremony

Zöldmáli Csanád Zöldmáli Csanád Slovenia International Shows 2012 - Osijek CACIB (2 days show)
Zöldmáli Csanád (Guba) won open male class Exc. 1. CAC, CACIB, and Best of Breed.
Judge: Vladimir Zizakov (SRB)


CACT Field Trial in Soponya, Hungary on 1st September 2012

We are very proud of our Zöldmáli babies, who did very well on on this CACT Field Trial: Zöldmáli Huba became 2nd best continental pointing dog of the day with 15 points TB (very good), Zöldmáli Iris became 3rd with 13 points TB (very good), and Zöldmáli Lovas Dezső on his very first field trial with 11 months got a very good with 12 points in Derby Class.
Zöldmáli Lovas Dezső pointing and Zöldmáli Iris backing Zöldmáli Lovas Dezső pointing the partridge

OMSE CAC 2012.09.02.
Zöldmáli Lepke won HPJ (Junior Clss winner)
Zöldmáli Dumás won CAc, BOB

We are very proud of Zöldmáli Zala, who has won again a CACT on a field and water competition in the Czech Republic, and with this, she has gained the Czech Work Champion title at a young age of 3 years. So she is now a true dual champion, being already Czech, Slovakian and Polish Junior Champion, Czech and Slovak Champion, Field Trial European Champion and Czech Work Champion! What a wonderful dog! Thank you Karel Kolar for taking her to such high levels.

Karel Kolar with Zöldmáli Zala Zöldmáli Zala On a Czech competition

Congratulation to Zöldmáli Csanád, who won Best of Breed on 25th August on a Croatian National Show in Virovitica.

We cannot thank enough for Lea Laitinen (Tangrams Kennel)from Finland, for allowing us to have her wonderful boy, the 2011 World Winner and BOB Tangrams Cotton Eye Joe 'Köszi' (sire:Zöldmái Laci, dam:Zöldmáli Jeles) here at the Zöldmáli Kennel for 2 months, to use him as a stud. Köszi has a superb character, very calm, and gentle, cooperative and obedient, on the other hand a real gundog. On the very first day I had him, I took him out to the field, where he pointed a hare for me, and remained steady after the flush. He didn't even know, me, not even understood Hungarian, still he worked for me as if I had always been his traner. He settled into my pack as if he had always lived here. Now this is what I call a balanced, social, sound temperament. No worrying, but full trust in humans. 
I am impatiently waiting to see the first pups ever born from Köszi. We epxect the litters to arrive in the end of August, middle of September. For more info, visit the PUPPIES page!

Tangrams Cotton Eye Joe 'Köszi' Köszi head shot Tangrams Cotton Eye Joe 'Köszi'

Our biggest congratulations for Zöldmáli Csoda, Zöldmáli Huncut, and owner, Rachel Walker, Zöldmáli Ubrez, and owner Debby Wearing who all did very well on the Welsh Kennel Klub Championship Show, on 19th August. Out of 60 dogs, Csoda won the bitch CC and than went to BOB. Zöldmáli Huncut won the Limit Bitch Class, while second in this class was Zöldmáli Ubrez. 
Well done everyone!
Zöldmáli Csodawinning  CC and BOB

We are very proud of our two 10 months old pups, Zöldmáli Lepke and Zöldmáli Lovas Dezső (mom: Zöldmáli Iris), who both passed the field and water trial, Lepke in 1st prize, Dezső in 2nd prize. thez are the youngest ever dogs to pass this very high level trial at such a young age! Zöldmális rule! :) Zöldmáli Lovas Dezső Zöldmáli Lovas Dezső Zöldmáli Lovas Dezső

We expect our first mini dachshund litter from Cuki.
We chose a Czech husband for her: Herodes od Cernych rythirú, coming from a well-know mini dachshund kennel, owning several CAC and CACIB titles.
The pups are expected for the beginning of September. Inquiries are welcome.
Just married mini dachshund couple: Herodes and Cuki

Esztergom CAC results:

Zöldmáli Fecske- female HPJ, Junior Winner, Best Junior, and with this she gained her Junior Champion title.

Zöldmáli Jo-jó- female intermediate class CAC

Zöldmáli Dumás- female open class CAC

Zöldmáli Cseles- male working class CAC

and Süti (Goodhead Gesztenyés Süti), our Wirehaired Standard Dachshund also won a CAC in the intermediate class.
Jo-jó, Fecske, Süti and me

Congratulations for Zöldmáli Dani, who won Best of Breed and Best in Show on the Hungarian Vizsla Speciality Show, and on the very same day, but under a different judge, he also won Best of Breed on the Kaposvár CAC Show.
Zöldmáli Csanád took the reserve CAC after Dani in the open class.

Well done boys!
Zöldmáli Dani

Congratulations for Zöldmáli Duna, who won the post graduate bitch class on a Championship Show in the UK, and even bigger congratulations to Zöldmáli Ubrez, who on the very same show won the open class, than became the best bitch with CC! Well done girls and owner Debby Wearing. Zöldmáli Duna Zöldmáli Ubrez 

Zöldmáli Szarka with a rabbit It was very hard to say good-bye to Szarka, but knowing she will have a wonderful, eased somewhat my pain. Szarka joined the Bennett Family in the UK, as a trained dog, and she will be worked under gun and hawk as well. Hopefully we will hear more about Szarka in the future on work competitions. 
Szarka is a natural, just like her sister Fecske, she has passed the basic hunting test (AV) and the hunting aptitude test (VAV) at an amazingly young age, with very high scores. 
She is simply wonderful.

Komárom CACIB Dog Show 26th-27th May, 2012.
1st day result:
Zöldmáli Fecske- HPJ, Best Junior
Zöldmáli Jo-jó- CAC, CACIB (intermediate class)

2nd day result:
Zöldmáli Jo-jó- HPJ, 2013 Crufts qualification
Zöldmáli Garbó- CAC, CACIB, 2013 Crufts qualification

Meanwhile Zöldmáli Galagonya won 2X CACIB and BOB titles this weekend in Varasdin, and with this, she gained the Croatian Show Champion title!

Zöldmáli Huncut
in the UK won Best of Breed on this very same weekend on a Gundog Show.

R.I.P. Csővárberki Dévaj DORKA
15th October, 1999.- 25th May, 2012.

We had to say goodbye to Dorka, my first Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla, and also the founder bitch of the Zöldmáli Kennel! I knew this day would come, and I thought I was prepared for it but the farewell was much harder than I thought. She passed away while asleep, thankfully did not suffer!
Thank you Dorka for the lot of joy and success you brought into my life, and the numerous successful offspring, who contributed to the bettermen of this breed! Your memory lives on in my heart.

2012 World Dog Show in Salzburg, 18th May '12
judge: Kari Jarvinen (Finland)

We couldn't be any prouder of the results of this year's World Dog Show!

Junior World Winner Bitch and Junior BOB: Zöldmáli Fecske, owner:Zsófia Miczek (me)

Junior World Winner dog: Zöldmáli Frakk
World Winner Dog: Zöldmáli Ludas 
(both boys are owned by Erik ten Have in the Netherlands).
Me with Fecske and Jo-jó on the World Dog Show

Zöldmáli Fecske Zöldmáli Frakk and Ludas Zöldmáli Frakk

And while we were showing our dogs on the World Dog Show in Salzburg, on the other side of Europe, in the UK, the Zöldmális made us proud as well.
On a Championship Show Zöldmáli Jácint gained the CC and BOB titles, while Zöldmáli Duna and Ubrez both became 2nd in their classes.

Well Done Girls!
Zöldmáli Duna, Ubrez and Jácint

Salgótarján CAC, 13th May, 2012
Zöldmáli Fecske:
junior winner, HPJ
Zöldmáli Dumás:
intermediate class winner: CAC
Zöldmáli Fecske

    Zöldmáli Dumás Zöldmáli Dumás

We had been very busy this spring with training our junior dog and also trying to make some time to prepare Barka for the competition season.
The results till now speak for themselves:

Zöldmáli Fecske, Szarka, Jo-jó and Csinos passed the Basic Hunting Test (AV) with flying colours.

Zöldmáli Fecske, Szarka, Garbó and Jo-jó also passed the Hunting Aptitude Test (VAV) on 1st May in Győr. 

I am so proud of all of you! Szarka and Fecske are not even 9 months old, and they are just brilliant!
Zöldmáli Jo-jó with duck

Zöldmáli Fecske Zöldmáli Szarka Barka pointing a quail
Life in the Zöldmáli Kennel in sping- everybody is enjoying the spring sunshine

Pletyka and Barka Alma naping with the dachie-company Zöldmáli Alma enjoying the spring sun  
Marathon Dog Show in Miskolc in Easter '12:
We had 3 dog shows in 2 days, Garbo and Jo-jó were entered, and Alma just came to be with us. Jo-jó won the junior class in all 3 shows and became Junior Champion, and Garbo won the intermemdiate class on all shows (CAC) and got a resCACIB and a BOB as well.

Garbo, Jo-jo and Alma Zöldmáli Garbo and Jo-jo Zöldmáli Jo-jó

Zöldmáli Guriga alias Don has passed his guide dog exam, so now he is an official guide dog, who will assist throughout his owner's life, who will very soon loose his eyesight totally. We wish lots of happy years for the two of them. Zöldmáli Guriga

Congratulations for Zöldmáli Katica, who won the Working Class at Crufts '12, Zöldmáli Duna for winning 2nd place in the Good Citizen Bitch Class and Zöldmáli Ubrez winning 2nd place in the Limit Bitch Class. 

We are very proud of Zöldmáli Iram, who was the best graded HWV on a grouse pointing test with a 'very good' result. There were 13 HWVs participating and only two other HWVs graded, both with 'good' result.


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