Radrafi Ol Tukai

Crufts 2018

This year's Crufts was a success again for the Zöldmális and Progenies. Zöldmáli Extreme's son, Zöldmáli Szeles was the resCC Dog, and his daughter, Redrafi Galdessa was the resCC Bitch and Best Puppy. Extreme's other daughter, Redrafi Ol Tukai was 3/7 in Puppy. Zöldmáli Story of Lanokk was winner of the Puppy and Junior Dog Class Zöldmáli Ánizs- winner of Special Working Gundog Class Zöldmáli Vadász was 2nd in Veteran Dog. Zöldmáli Tudor (also Extreme son) 5/11 in post grad. Zöldmáli Szeles- winner of Limit Dogs Zöldmáli Otello- 4th in Open Dog Zöldmáli Nelli 5/11 in Post.Grad. Bitch Zöldmáli Kefir 2nd in Limit Bitch Congratulations for all the owners!

Westminster 2017- Dante won BOB

The first 3 dogs all came from my garden! Dante (Lascard de la Lande de Bourberouge), who took BOB was a former stud in our kennel. He was raised, trained, worked and shown by us. Quil (Zöldmáli Fanni) took Best Opposite Sex,and Falko (Grand Champion Zöldmáli Cetli) was 2nd best male, 3rd overall! Congratulations for the Westminster Winners and Participants!

Zöldmáli Dió- New Qualified Service Dog

We are very proud of Zöldmáli Dió, who qualified as a service dog, helping his epileptic young owner, Samu, during his fits. Dio is now being trained further not just to calm and comfort Samu during the fit, but also to signal in advance, if Samu is going to have a fit. Congratulations mom, Kata Miller-Massányi for training Dio.

Zoldmali Echo

Echo placed 3rd on the Italian Trofeo Fausto Cavalli

What a surprise! Echo was placed 3rd in females and Henna 4th on the Italian Trofeo Fausto Cavalli, which is a trophy for the best performing Continental Pointing Dog of the 14 Field Trials of Maserada. Its based on a pointing system. Echo only participated on two competitions out of 14, so its quite an achievement being the 6th, especially because there are abt 50 dogs competing in the season.

CACIT International Field Trial, Maserada, Italy

Our first CACIT Open Field Trial experience in Italian terrain, only on wild birds: Maserada CACIT IFT 13th January, 2018. 3 batteries of Continental and 3 batteries of English Pointing Dogs. Very difficult terrain with really smart and wild birds. No other vizslas entered, only Bretons and Kurzhaars. We are very proud that our dogs made good impression on our judge today. We finished with a 2nd place MB for Echo and a 3rd place MB for Extreme. The only dogs who had a recall in our battery, were Extreme and Anouk. Anouk was the favorite of the judge for the day, but unluckily she didn’t find any birds. Both Extreme and Echo made a solid point on pheasant, but...