A Special Award for Year 2017’s achievements

A proud moment! Zöldmális getting a Special Award on the FEHOVA Game Fair for our dogs’ achievements in work in 2017. Especially for our 2017 Field Trial European Cup and Derby Win, Extreme’s Field Trial CACIT win and All-round Competition CACIT win, and Zokni’s Spec. Hungarian Vizsla All-round Competition CACIT win. It was a great year for the Zöldmális!

Field Trial European Cup

Zöldmáli Team won the 2017 Field Trial European Cup and Derby

The year 2017 brought us lots of success similar to the previous years, but what we are most proud of, in 2017, is that Team Zöldmáli won the Vizsla Field Trial European Cup, both in Open and Derby, held in Naestved, Denmark, in September 2017. The Magyar Vizsla Field Trial European Cup is organized every year in a different country, and each nation can enter a team of 5 shorthaired vizslas and a team of 5 wirehaired vizslas, or a mixed smooth and wire team of 5 dogs. In the Derby, each nation can enter a team of 3 dogs, who are less than 30 months old. The event consists of 2 days CACIT Field Trial, one day for the...
Work and Show Champion Extreme

We have 3 new Hungarian Work Champions in 2017:

Zöldmáli Extreme Zöldmáli Etna Anouk von der Sonnenansicht- handled by my Better Half, Laci All 3 of them are Hungarian Champions as well (in Beauty) and Extreme is also a Grand Champion and International Beauty Champion.
Laci and Zokni

Zöldmáli’s took the 1st, 3rd and 4th place on CACIT All-round Competition

CACIT Special Hungarian Vizsla International All-Round Competition- Zöldmáli’s took the 1st, 3rd and 4th place! A CACIT title is always very special to be awarded. Most gundog trainers never even get to that level in their lives to gain one ever. We had been so blessed in 2017, that we even got 4 CACITs. Extreme got one in Field Trial and one in All-Round Competition, Echo got one on the Field Trial European Cup, and Zokni (handled by Laci) won the Special Hungarian Vizsla All-Round Competition with CACIT (and of course CACT). Bring was also in 1st prize and was resCACT (2nd best of her breed in 1st prize) and Extreme was 4th. The Special Hungarian Vizsla International All-Round Competition…

Extreme took 2 CACIT within a week

Zöldmáli Extreme made the impossible! He gained 2 CACITs within a week, one from Field Trial, the other from All-Round Competition (Field-Water-Forest). Many say, its not possible to be successful with a dog on both Field Trial (where a dog needs to hunt very fast and far, covering lots of ground with high head carriage and great style) and on all-round competitions (where a dog has to perform several disciplines on field, water and forest, doing field work, live duck search, blood tracking, fox retrieving, etc.- and training for all these usually makes a dog closer ranging, more controlled and the difficult tracking disciplines lower the nose-usage of the dog). Extreme is not my only dog, who did well on...