Zoldmali Zokni

HGCH, HCH, HJCH Zöldmáli Zokni

Zokni is the daughter of two Field Trial European Champion and International Work Champion Wirehaired Vizslas. Her mother, Zöldmáli Zala, since 2015, is the most successful Hungarian Wirehaird Vizsla in the World. Zala is not just Beauty Champion of several countries, but also owns an International, a Czech, a Slovakian and a Hungarian Work Champion title. Only her grandmother, Zöldmáli Alma could achieve similar titles. And here I just highlighted the biggest titles, as it would take half a page to list all the titles Zala has gained. We could go pages long to brag about all those wonderful dogs and titles, these wirehaired vizsla bloodlines carry. From the above, one can easily realize, that Zokni is one very special...
Rozi- Zöldmáli Wirehaired Vizsla Kennel - ROZI

ICH, CZCH, CZJCH Rajen z Meckovské Skály- ROZI

Rozi has joined our pack from the Czech Republic. She is a very strong but proportional dog with a lovely coat and nice deep chest. She has a very confident and loving character. In spite she is a very passionate hunter with a never-descending stamina and enthusiasm, she turns to a quiet, calm companion in the house, who loves to warm up the sofa for you and loves to follow every step of yours from the corner of her eyes. Her enthusiasm for water doesn't get any weaker even in the coldest winter days, so we have to keep watching her to go into every water she finds. She is a steady pointer and passionate retriever. Rozi has completed the...
Zöldmáli Wirehaired Vizsla Kennel - ANOUK

HJCH Anouk von der Sonnenansicht

Anouk is our German import. Her mother, Indra von der Lipeau, is an amazing working dog, whom we have seen several times on Field Trials (she is Field Trial European Champion, has gained several CACIT titles, 2 times on the Field Trial European Cup, and the also got 'Excellent' on the World Championship.) I always wanted a puppy after Indra, and finally, when she had her first (and only) litter at the age of 6, my dream came true. Anouk is now worked by my Better Half, Laci, and they make a perfect pair. She is a very smart and intelligent dog with lots of spirit and very promising abilities. Laci enjoys every minute of training her. Anouk has showed...
HCH, HJCH Zöldmáli Pizsi

HCH, HJCH Zöldmáli Pizsi

Pizsi was a single puppy in the litter, so we decided to keep her (in spite we wanted to keep a boy from this litter, but of course, no boys were born). She always had a very brave and confident character, but interestingly she showed no signs of any hunting skills till around the age of 4 months. She didn't really want to retrieve anything, and showed no interest in birds. So one day, I decided, I am not going to give her any more time, but test her the last time, and if she shows no interest again, I will re-home her. And on that day I tried her, and she did everything perfect: she retrieved the pheasant to...
Zöldmáli Wirehaired Vizsla Kennel - FRAKK

DCh, GCh, ICh, DJCh, LJCh, JWW Zöldmáli FRAKK

Owner: J.H.G. ten Have SHOW TITLES: Dutch Junior Champion Bundessieger 2012 Bundessieger 2013 VDH-Europasieger 2014 VDH-Frühjahrssieger 2014 Interchampion VDH Ch Dutch Ch Junior World Ch 19 x CAC 17 x CACIB WORK TITLES: 7 x KNJV-B 1 x KNJV-C 22 x BOB HEALTH: HD-A (excellent) Zöldmáli Frakk - GALLERY »