HCH, HJCH Zöldmáli Pizsi

ICH, HGCH, HCH, HJCH Zöldmáli Pizsi

Pizsi was a single puppy in the litter, so we decided to keep her (in spite we wanted to keep a boy from this litter, but of course, no boys were born). She always had a very brave and confident character, but interestingly she showed no signs of any hunting skills till around the age of 4 months. She didn't really want to retrieve anything, and showed no interest in birds. So one day, I decided, I am not going to give her any more time, but test her the last time, and if she shows no interest again, I will re-home her. And on that day I tried her, and she did everything perfect: she retrieved the pheasant to...
Zöldmáli Wirehaired Vizsla Kennel - FRAKK

DCh, GCh, ICh, DJCh, LJCh, JWW Zöldmáli FRAKK

Owner: J.H.G. ten Have SHOW TITLES: Dutch Junior Champion Bundessieger 2012 Bundessieger 2013 VDH-Europasieger 2014 VDH-Frühjahrssieger 2014 Interchampion VDH Ch Dutch Ch Junior World Ch 19 x CAC 17 x CACIB WORK TITLES: 7 x KNJV-B 1 x KNJV-C 22 x BOB HEALTH: HD-A (excellent) Zöldmáli Frakk - GALLERY »
Zöldmáli szálkás törpe tacskó- cuki

HJCH Dorka Kunis -‘Cuki’

CUKI - The Wirehaired Mini Dachshund Cuki, our first Wirehaired Mini Dachshund, officially named Dorka Kunis, was imported from Slovakia. Her parents are titled in both show and work. Cuki in Hungarian means sweetie. Just look into her little, round, dark-brown eyes. She can definitely melt anyone with her look. She is the sweetest little creature inside, very obedient, quiet and well behaved. She has never ever made any mess inside, in spite I took her from the breeder at the age of 6 weeks! She was house broken straight away. She can explain you anything she wants. But when outside, she gets crazy about birds and scents, and than her real dachshund blood and instincts come out. She obeys...
Zöldmáli Wirehaired Mini Dachshund MINYON

Zöldmáli Mini Minyon

Wirehaired Mini Dachshund in rare, brown and tan (schoko) color We believe in faith, and Minyon was not only the first-born puppy of Cuki, but she has a very rare brown and tan color. I have always wished for a brown and tan colored female teckel, especially a mini one. So when I realized we have a female brown and tan puppy born, I knew straight away, it was meant to happen, so was out of question if we keep her (even though we didn't originally plan to keep a puppy from the litter). Her and her mother, Cuki, are inseparable best friends, and Minyon is the best vizsla puppy playmate. She teaches them every teckel-fighting skill: how to pull...
Zöldmáli Wirehaired Vizsla Kennel - GUBA


Guba (Zoldmali Csanád) is the litter brother of Cseles, and also the progeny of the top Wirehaired Vizsla in Show and Work in the World (Zöldmáli Alma), and one of the top Wirehaired Vizslas of the UK of his time (Bayside Brokk). In spite he is not worked as much as his brother, he also shows very good working abilities, so do his offsprings. SHOW RESULTS: Hungarian Show Champion Hungarian Junior Champion (HJCH) Croatian Junior Champion (CH M HR) Croatian Show Champion (CH HR-I) Crufts 2013: VHC Hungarian Show Champion 3x HPJ (Junior Winner) 4x Junior Dog Winner 7x Best Junior 9xCAC 4xCACIB 3 X Res. CACIB 9x BOB Official stud of Hungary WORK RESULTS: Basic Hunting Test (AV): excellent...