Zöldmáli Wirehaired Vizsla Kennel - ALMA

Int.Ch, Int.F-T Ch, HGCh, HSCh, EUCh, HCh, CroCh, VCh, SloWCh, HMCh Zöldmáli ALMA

R.I.P. ZÖLDMÁLI ALMA 2003.02.27-2016.07.07. ALMA YOU ARE A MIRACLE, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART The most successful all-round Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla ever in the World in show and work and the best producing dam in Hungary, mother of 10 Champions, 3 World Winner and 4 European Winner offsprings! Alma with 2 and a half years became International and Slovakian Work Champion, and still at the age of 10 years won the Hortobágy Cup, the biggest field and water CACIT competition in Hungary, with CACIT, Best field and best water work special awards. She was also member of the winner Hungarian team of the 2004 Field-Trial World Championship. Show results: International Champion Hungarian Champion Hungarian Grand Champion Croatian Champion...