Zoldmali Tegze

Zöldmáli Tegze

Zöldmáli Tegze is our youngest crew member. A confident girl with full of character and mischief. She inherited all the beauty and passion from her parents. We are very much looking forward to see how this young girl blossoms. Tegze was born end of August 2016. Check back to see her progress. Zöldmáli Tegze GALLERY
Zöldmali Dinamit

HJCH Zöldmáli Dinamit

Zöldmáli Dinamit, is our new generation. She is from two great field trial dogs: my Lepke and Highland DDSH, the brother of my Henna. The concept behind this breeding was, to merge to great lines: the lines of my two favorite Field Trial dogs (Lepke and Henna). Dinamit (called Dina) was born in April 2016 and joined us on the pheasant shoots already in October. In short time she figured out why she is there and started finding and retrieving  pheasants. She shows great promise. Her very first show was an International Dog Show in Budapest, where she got Best of Breed, and was shortlisted in the group. She gained her Junior Champion title after winning the Junior Class 3...
Zoldmali Jager Dios

Zöldmáli Jager -DIÓS

Zöldmáli Jager, alias Diós is a young but very talented male, who had been trained by my better half, Laci. Diós is not our own dog, but spends lots of training and hunting time with us, when his owner is on business trips. He passed all the hunting tests one-by-one, all with high scores, in 1st prize. After the ÖTV, the Autumn Field and Water Test, he is now getting prepared for the All-round Trial, the MVV (VGP) that consists of Field-Water and Forest parts. Diós has a kind and soft temperament. He loves to work and loves to please you and would like to be the one and only. We haven't done much showing with him (he has only...
Zoldmali Karma

HJCH Zöldmáli Karma

Zöldmáli Karma, our little terminator. She is fast, goes through the most dense cover with speed and style and she never gets tired, when it comes to work. A passionate hunter from a very young age, who learned to control and behave herself (so I can have her lay on her bed all day long in the house when I am working home office) but feels at her best, when she can hunt or at least retrieve something. She is always the first to bring us something outside: a stick a toy, or whatever she finds. I very much enjoy her character, a true working dog, and a joy to train, but probably if she had gone to a pet...
Zöldmáli Echo

Zöldmáli Echo

Zöldmáli Echo our little rocket! She is one of our young generation, a daughter of my Lepke and Django DDSH and littersister of Extreme and Etna. My original plan was, to keep the best out of the 3 puppies, but all 3 of them turned out exceptional. I don’t know of any other Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla litter, where 3 pups out the litter would hold CACIT and resCACIT titles before the age of 1,5 years. Echo got 3 Derby Winner titles with 'excellent' qualifications, a resCACIT, resCACT (2nd place) and 2X Excellent 3rd on international Field Trial before the age of 1,5 years. Sister Etna earned her first CACT and CACIT title at less than 16 months of age, on...