We are excited to announce the breeding between ZIDANE and ZÖLDMÁLI ECHO. We expect their puppies around 14th May. For further information, please contact us!

ZIDANE- Loubard de La Lande de Bourberouge
Zidane- Zoldmali Wirehaired Vizsla Kennel
Zoldmali Echo- Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

Echo is one of our young, but very successful Field Trial dog. She has the style or run, very few Hungarian Vizsla can brag with. She carries her head high, has a very light and fast movement, great passion for finding birds and a fine nose. No wonder most field trial judges comment on her talent. Echo has a very spectacular point. She was one of the key members of the Zöldmáli partridge hunting team in the 2016/2017 season.

In spite Echo is a very talented Field Trial dog, she has proven her versatility, by passing the VMV (at 1 year of age) and ÖTV (at 1,5 years of age) both in 1st prize (same as the HZP or the NAVHDA Utility).

Zidane, the husband we chose for Echo, is one of our French imports. He also has a very spectacular movement on the field with high head carriage and good speed, so we hope the pups from this litter will become successful field dogs. Zidane has been working on pheasant and waterfowl shoot in the past hunting season, and is a blooming young working dog.

Besides the great working qualities of the parents, this breeding will create some exciting bloodline combinations of the very best Hungarian and French field trial lines.
Both dogs are free of hip dysplasia and are HUU tested. None of their pups will be HUU affected.
See Zidane and Echo on their own pages and find out more about them!

Zöldmáli Zokni- HungarianWirehaired Vizsla
Zokni litter- Zöldmáli Wirehaired Vizsla
FTCH DJANGO du Domaine Saint Hubert
django- Wirehaired Vizsla

Django has already produced some exceptional puppies in our kennel (E litter of Lepke and K litter of Fecske), so we have just as big expectation from him this time as well, and hope the 4000 km trip was worth it for this honeymoon. Zokni is the daughter of two Field Trial European Champion (Zoldmali Zala and Ecosse DDSH) so her lines are very special in itself. Zokni is a very hard working versatile vizsla, very calm headed, clear minded, reliable and easy to train. She loves to do any kind of work, even retrieving foxes, just like her mom. We are preparing her for the highest level competition for this fall, the all-round competition, when she has to perform, in field, water and forest, proving her versatility: hunting, pointing, tracking, retrieving.
Both dogs are HD- A (free of hip dysplasia), HUU clear and are perfectly healthy. Pups will be HUU clear by parentage.

Click on the image of Zokni to see her own page.!

For more information about the upcoming litters, for further breeding plans or reserving a puppy from us, please contact me at zsofi@zoldmali.hu